Monday, April 25, 2016

God Is Able!

Happy World Malaria Day! God is able to do abundantly more than we can ask or even imagine... and we can know the joy of being part of God's work in the world!

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

INM Update and New Resource!

This article was originally posted on on October 30, 2015.

At the Rocky Mountain Annual Conference in 2014, we announced that gifts, pledges, and church goals to date had exceeded our conference goal of raising $1.2 million to end preventable deaths from malaria in Africa. I am delighted to share with you that our totals continue to rise.

We have now received commitments of more than $1.5 million from individuals and churches, and nearly 56 percent of that ($848,229, to be precise) was in-hand as of July 31, 2015. One way of understanding that number is that we have already saved more lives in Africa than there are United Methodists in the Rocky Mountain Conference!

We are part of a global coalition that is making a dramatic difference in communities across sub-Saharan Africa. But the need continues. If your church set a God-sized goal to raise funds that you have not yet met, please email Kristi Kinnison at the Rocky Mountain United Methodist Foundation to let her know how you are doing with that goal and whether your efforts are ongoing.

A new resource is available for churches seeking to engage young people in learning about and discussing the issues that Imagine No Malaria seeks to address. Local author (and youth director at Arvada UMC), Marcia Canter, has written and published a novel for older elementary and middle school-aged readers called Mosquito Madness, which tells the story of Becca Williams, a bored fifth-grader who receives a mysterious postcard from her aunt in Africa, requesting nets. Soon Becca learns about malaria’s deadly impact, and becomes determined to help her aunt fight it.

Mosquito Madness is the story of a community coming together to help their neighbors, at home and across the ocean. The lessons of The Good Samaritan and The Golden Rule come into fresh light as the Sunday school class examine the church’s role in their lives and the world. Readers young and old can learn about the Methodist denomination’s efforts to make the world a better place.

Ten percent of the book’s profits go to support Imagine No Malaria and other organizations dedicated to ending childhood diseases in Africa, and Canter is available to speak to youth groups about her book. The book is available at Tattered Cover and through Lulu Publishing. Learn more by going to this link:

Monday, April 6, 2015

#BringChange this World Malaria Day!

Happy Easter! May you experience the hope and joy of Resurrection this day and each day!

As we travel through the Easter season, you have the opportunity to continue bringing new life to those at risk for malaria. April 25th is World Malaria Day, and Imagine No Malaria has new resources available to equip you to take part in a social media campaign, to plan an event for your community, or to (re-)engage your congregation in new ways.

Head over to to find out more, and make a world of difference this World Malaria Day!

Monday, March 16, 2015

Lent 2015 Resources

Imagine No Malaria has new resources available for Lent 2015:

Give Up Indifference
Give Up Excess
Take Up the Charge
Take Up the Challenge
Lift Up the Hurting
Lift Up the Healed
Look Up to Overcome

Download the full engagement kit from under Lent 2015 Toolkit, or learn more at

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Thank you, and keep up the good work!

September 8, 2014

When you first heard we were trying to raise $1.2 million in the Rocky Mountain Conference to help end deaths from malaria in Africa, did you think we would make it?

At Annual Conference in June, the Steering Committee reported that not only did we achieve our goal, we surpassed it, with gifts and pledges totaling $1,414,000! And since then, we have received another $75,000 in goals and contributions, bringing our total commitments to $1.489 million as of July 31!

If that's not exciting enough, here are some more details on the work that has made this possible:

Members from 203 different churches made a contribution. Eight more have set goals, but haven't yet sent in their funds. That means 81% of Rocky Mountain Conference churches participated in this extraordinary effort!


  • Wyoming churches collectively raised $26.30 raised per member
  • Newcastle First (Wyoming)  raised $4,985 - that's $22 per member
  • Grace (Cheyenne) raised $3,833 - that's $26 per member
  • Yuma (CO) set a goal for $100 and raised $998
  • Steamboat Springs exceeded their $8,000 goal and raised $13,967 - that's $34 per member!
  • Ogden Community raised $5,724 - that's $24 per member!
  • Montrose First (CO) is still working toward their $20,000 goal, but they have raised $31 per member - so far.
  • Limon (CO) raised $78 per member by raising $20,046.
  • Rush (CO)  did not set a goal, but raised $88 per member
  • Last Chance (CO) raised $24 per member
  • Hope (Greenwood Village) raised $15,375, or $23 per member
  • Heritage (Littleton) raised $8,236, or $28 per member
  • Colorado Springs First raised $50,700
  • Trinity Denver has raised $110,330 - so far - they are still working toward their goal of $123 per member!
  • St. Andrew's (Highlands Ranch) has raised $20,964 and are still working to achieve their $24 per member goal.
  • St. Luke's (Highlands Ranch) raised $26,099!
  • Arvada is 20% of the way to reaching their $33 per member goal
  • Good Shepherd (Thornton) raised $25 per member
  • Glenwood Springs raised $22 per member
  • Mountain View and St. Paul's (both in Boulder) raised $8,615 and $3,618 respectively - even though they were dealing with flood waters and a community in crisis. Perhaps they know a thing or two about mosquitoes!

Communication Changes

In the interest of saving administrative expenses for the campaign, the Steering Committee has decided to discontinue our email newsletter account. Updates will still be sent out periodically through the Rocky Mountain Conference weekly e-newsletter; you can sign up for that list here. If you do nothing, you will not receive any further communications from us, except for updates on your individual giving from the Rocky Mountain United Methodist Foundation, which continues to manage the donation tracking.

A Few Reminders

If your church has collected funds that you haven't sent in yet, please send those in on a monthly basis - the easiest way is to include donations with your monthly remittances to the Conference office, designated for Imagine No Malaria.

If your church set a goal that you haven't achieved yet, please continue working towards your goal! If you need to adjust your goal, contact Kristi Kinnison, 

If you have questions or updates, see whom to contact going forward.
Please continue to pray for Imagine No Malaria, for all who suffer and all who are helping to end unnecessary suffering.

Finally, thank you to all of you who have taken part in any role as part of the network of advocates, ambassadors, fundraisers, educators, donors, and healers in this extraordinary effort to end deaths from malaria in Africa. You may have seen this article from United Methodist Communications:

Efforts to fight Malaria are also good for the communications and medical infrastructure to fight Ebola. According to the article, "Your gifts to Imagine No Malaria are also helping in the fight against Ebola because together, we’ve improved access to health care. A strong health infrastructure, consisting of trained health care workers and well-equipped facilities, is better able to handle other health threats as well." We know that although the article didn't mention this, the publicity, education and communication networks that have been developed about Malaria are the same networks being used to educate people about Ebola.

Together, we are saving and transforming lives!

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Rocky Mountain Conference Receives $500,000 Gift Toward Imagine No Malaria

On April 25, World Malaria Day - the date we set as our deadline to raise $1.2 million in commitments for Imagine No Malaria - we announced a very special gift from Jerre and Mary Joy Stead. Their tremendous generosity has allowed us to reach our goal (and then some!) of saving 120,000 lives from malaria through comprehensive prevention, education, treatment, and communication strategies.

Read the full press release here:

We are thrilled to have reached our goal, but we know that the work is not finished yet - many churches are still raising funds toward the goals they set, individuals are still fulfilling their pledges, and many communities have not yet heard about the danger that malaria poses to billions of people around the world, or the opportunity we have to help end deaths from malaria in Africa in our lifetime. Please help us continue raising awareness, inviting generosity, and advocating for a healthier future and more abundant life for our sisters and brothers in God's family. Thank you for your part in this extraordinary effort to put our faith into action!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Growing up in Kenya: the personal impact of malaria

Pastor Alice Koech grew up in Kenya, and has several personal experiences of malaria that drive her enthusiasm for the United Methodist Church's response through Imagine No Malaria. Hear her story in her own words: